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MEDEF International

Founded in 1989, MEDEF International is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901, chaired since 2005 by Jean Burelle, CEO of Burelle SA and Honorary Chairman of Plastic Omnium. Thierry Courtaigne has been steering the MEDEF International management team since 1996.

MEDEF International represents MEDEF in the world in bilateral meetings. It promotes the expertise of French companies, trade, technological cooperation, long-term partnerships, and investment, mainly in emerging and developing countries.

7,000 French companies participate in the initiatives organized in the 77 bilateral geographical Councils, chaired by 40 French business leaders. The Councils come together at the 150 high-level meetings organized each year, with global public and private decision makers, in Paris and abroad.

MEDEF International is also the Private Sector Liaison Officer for the World Bank, EBRD, AfDB, and IADB.