About us


The Council of Saudi Chambers was established by royal decree No. 5/b/10744 dating from 06/07/1422. The council’s financing is provided by businessmen from both countries in order to service the interests and policies of the Kingdom. These councils are based on the rules of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry derived from the royal decree No. R/6 dating from 04/30/1400. The Council of Saudi Chambers stressed the importance of the coordination of such entities so as to ensure good economic relations between the Kingdom and other countries. As a result, The Council for the Saudi Chambers of Commerce began to sign agreements with their counterparts in different countries in order to facilitate economic and commercial relations between the Kingdom and these countries.


The Business Council is an economic group that represents the business community in the Kingdom. Its aim is to develop relations between the Kingdom and other nations, specifically in the fields of commerce and investment. These objectives can be achieved through a methodological framework that enables the development of economic relations with the other countries.


  • To develop and improve relations between the business communities in both countries and to bring attention to any possible synergies.
  • To encourage the exporting and exchange of goods and services through ongoing communication, the provision of information, and business visits in both countries.
  • To communicate with the authorities from both countries in order to improve cooperation and eliminate obstacles.
  • To encourage the construction of economic projects in both countries by identifying the best funding channels and providing information to businessmen interested in these projects.
  • To help finding amicable agreements for any possible trade disputes between businessmen from the two countries.
  • To focus on training, technology transfer, and the access and to exchange programs.


Membership in the foreign business councils, such as CAFS, is granted to both Saudi corporations and nationals and foreign corporations and nationals, in accordance with the conditions below:

  • The request must be submitted to the Business Council on the correct request form prepared by the Council of Saudi Chambers.
  • The representative of Saudi or foreign corporations must be a Saudi national.
Membership advantages:
  1. Priority access to delegations, conferences, symposiums, and any other outside activity organized by the Council of the country in which the person is a member.
  2. Access to the Business Council’ databases, arrival and departures of delegations from other countries, and investment opportunities outside the member’s reference country.
  3. Business cards displaying membership to the Business Council.
  4. Inclusion of member details in the Business Council’ booklet, which is distributed to the embassies of both countries and to their federation of Chambers of Commerce.
  5. Inclusion of information about the member and his activities on the Business Council’ website and activation of member access to the site so the member can communicate with other members.
  6. Invitation to meetings with the ambassadors and high-level officials, either in the Kingdom or in the other country.
  7. Assistance in obtaining a multiple-entry visa for the other country as well as reduced-fare plane tickets for Saudi Arabian Airlines and other foreign airline companies.
  8. Invitation to the annual meeting with recognized businessmen in the other countries who work with the Kingdom.
Business Council’ Mandate:

Without prejudice to the stipulations of the agreements and explanatory notes between the Council of Saudi Chambers, other similar entities, and the Business Council, the Business Council’ mandate will be in effect for 3 years starting from the date of the first meeting at which the President and his Vice-Presidennt are elected.

Membership to these councils will be open until the end of the Council’s mandate.